How It Works

Choose a package

Our wine is carefully crafted and unique, which is exactly why we want to provide you with a personalized way to explore our captivating varietals. To join the wine club it’s easy: simply continue to the packages page, and choose one of our packages. Package prices will vary slightly after calculating shipping to major cities in Canada. Additional charges may apply to rural areas and may vary by location.

Receive your wine

We ship on a quarterly basis, in March, June, September and December. As a very exclusive operation, we understand that it’s not always easy to find our wines in the marketplace. And when you do, the retail pricing can be jarring. Joining our wine club ensures you can find the wine you want, and get it at a very exceptional price.

Enjoy each wine

Each wine comes with winemaker’s notes, vintage reports, cellar recommendations, food pairings and tasting notes; the end product is an experience that details how to explore the wine with your five senses.

Share your experiences.

So you liked that wine you received or you had a killer food pairing all lined up? Don’t keep it quiet; share your comments, feedback, food pairing suggestions and general thoughts about the wine you receive in our exclusive social community. There are no wrong answers as you learn about what your fellow wine club members liked (or disliked) about each wine. Learn more simply by being part of the experience!

Adding to your order?

Having a special event or maybe you’d just like more? No problem. Wine club members can increase their allotment anytime (as inventory permits). Your wine will ship with your next shipment, making it even easier to secure the best of the best wines. Additionally we encourage you to purchase gift items for friends, since our wine makes fantastic gifts.

Buying wine whenever?

Our online shop is set up so you can order our wine and enjoy it whenever you want. You can browse to discover our diverse varietal selection, or you can use the search function to find your favorite right away. Follow all the steps at checkout to purchase your online order, and you can expect your selected products soon!